Longer Stays in Paradise

Do you want to enjoy the opportunity to bring your family to paradise for a long time ? .. Away from stress – in a completely safe environment surrounded by turquoise sea, white sandy beaches and tall coconut trees?.

Prices will vary depending on which yacht you choose, sailing area etc. but for charters more than 2 months, the price will normally end up at approx. 40-50% off the normal charter price.

We also provide you with free WIFI within the Grenadines the first month (for charters over 2 months). Internet coverage is good in most ports in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

If you are dependent on internet coverage even when you are out of range sailing between islands, some of our yachts have a so-called “Redbox” (a compact wireless router with integrated satellite communication system). If so, ask our booking department for more information.

Looking forward to see you in paradise 😊

All the best from The Barefoot Family