Barefoot Offshore Sailing School is pleased to announce The Barefoot Navigator, the first-ever course with the use of no-tech and low-tech techniques for way-finding at sea.

We are having the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Jack Lagan very well indeed! He is quite the gentleman and loves to share some witty jokes!

We would like to share some of Jack’s quotes with you:

“I was thrilled to get Phil Barnard’s invitation to turn my book The Barefoot Navigator into an on-board course. Imagine that. You can learn about how to navigate by using the world around you and pick up practical skills inherited from the seafarers of ancient times”. Jack Lagan

“I take the view that navigation using sextant-and-almanac is as user-friendly as a cornered rat. Sailors just don’t look at the night sky any more. However, centuries ago the Pacific islanders were able to navigate across an area of ocean bigger than continental USA guided by the points at which stars rose and set at the horizon. Students will learn this and many other skills while having a great time sailing in the Grenadines, the most beautiful island-chain in the Caribbean. Barefoot Offshore Sailing School’s new course will take ASA- and RSA-qualified sailors to a new level of knowledge — and it will be a great introduction for those new to wayfaring.” Jack Lagan

“The real heroes of maritime history were not the pirates. Master navigators were the shaman of the sea.” Jack Lagan

“Dead reckoning is crucial. Every time you lose track of your dead reckoning a baby dolphin dies.” Jack Lagan

“The Grenadines is the perfect place to sail and learn. From 13-degrees North you can see both Polaris and the Southern Cross at night”. Jack Lagan

During the day, the Red-footed booby, the Brown noddy and the Laughing gull will help you with a course-to-steer for the nearest beach bar.” Jack Lagan

We are very excited and honored to share the Barefoot Navigator with Jack and also with you all and hope that we can share many jokes and good times this coming season!