1. An initial 50% deposit against the Course Fee is payable upon booking, and must be received within 7 days to hold the reservation.  (Bookings with 45 days of the course start date require 100% payment on booking.

2. The balance of the Course Fee and any additional costs are payable as outlined in this agreement. Failure to meet the payment schedule may result in cancellation of your participation and forfeiture of your payments.

  • 50% Deposit made a time of booking
  • 45 days prior to the Start Date: the final 50% is due

3. A discount of 10% of the Course Fee is available to repeat BOSS students on regularly scheduled courses, other than Sailing Adventures.

4. Payments can be made via Wire Transfer based on instructions provided by the BOSS Bookings team. At the base, credit card payments (Mastercard, Visa) are also accepted subject to a 5% surcharge, but at present credit cards cannot be used for online payments.

5. The Course Fee covers:


  • Before the Course, providing self-study guidance for Ashore Knowledge and Navigation components of the Certifications offered.
  • Before the Course, providing guidance on acquisition of pre-requisites necessary for certification. (Active support for enabling participants to acquire those pre-requisites may be available at an additional cost.)
  • During the Course, providing instruction and coaching for the Ashore Knowledge and On-water Skills component of the relevant ASA or Sail Canada Standards
  • Marking written exams
  • Registering certifications earned with ASA or Sail Canada subject to Certification Fees referred to in 20 and 21 of this Agreement.

Accommodation and Provisions

  • Shared accommodation aboard the Yacht while on the Course (single accommodation can be guaranteed by paying a single supplement)
  • Provisions including 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 3 dinners
  • Boat running costs (diesel, propane, initial water fill, ice for fridge as needed, initial tank of gas for dinghy, cruising permit)

 6. The Course Fee does not cover:

  • Travel costs from or to your home country, and related travel or health insurance
  • ASA or Sail Canada certification or membership fees
  • Personal snacks (since only you know your snacking preferences)
  • Ice for beverages
  • Water after initial tank fill
  • Mooring ball fees
  • Marine park fee
  • Dining Ashore
  • Cleaning / disinfection fee of $250 per person
  • Alcoholic beverages while moored or anchored (consuming alcohol will not be permitted while underway)


  1. BOSS courses are normally delivered on boats owned by third parties. Space on Courses is limited, and other potential participants may be turned away when all spaces are filled. In the event of a short notice cancellation, it may be difficult to fill the space, which may increase the load on other course participants. As a result, BOSS has put in place cancellation policies that are intended to protect the interests of boat owners, course participants, instructors, and BOSS.
  2. A Course Participant is always responsible for arranging his or her own travel and trip interruption insurance. In the event a Course does not take place as planned for any reason, BOSS is never responsible for a Participant’s travel or accommodation expenses under any circumstances.
  3. If BOSS postpones or cancels a Course due to unavailability of a boat or instructor or for some other unexpected reason, a participant is entitled to a postponement or cancellation with no postponement or cancellation fee.
  4. Under the following defined circumstances, a Participant may reschedule a course for up to one year of the original start date with no postponement fee or pricing adjustment. These defined circumstances include:

    – Travel to SVG is not possible (such as occurred with flight cancellations connected with the volcanic eruption in April 2021)

    –  SVG government imposes Covid quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated visitors greater than 48 hours which makes it impractical to take the course (such as occurred earlier in the Covid pandemic)

    A specific named tropical storm or hurricane is on a direct path toward St. Vincent and the Grenadines forcing the postponement of all charters and courses that have not already begun.

  1. If a course has already begun and is interrupted by named tropical storm or hurricane resulting in significant lost time, BOSS undertakes best efforts to offer extra time equivalent to the lost time on a subsequent course booking.
  2. A Participant may cancel a reservation and receive a full refund of amounts paid by providing notice of cancellation to BOSS at least 12 full weeks before the start date of a course.
  3. If notice of cancellation is provided less then 12 full weeks before the start date of a course, the refund of amounts paid is reduced by a cancellation fee of 10% for every full or partial week less than 12 full weeks of notice. If cancelling less than 2 full weeks before a course, no refund will be available (10 weeks X 10%).
  4. A Participant may postpone a reservation for a course for up to 1 year with no postponement fee by providing notice of postponement to BOSS at least 12 full weeks before the start date of a course.
  5. If notice of postponement is provided less than 12 full weeks before the start date of a course, except under the defined circumstances described in 10 above, a postponement fee of 5% applies for each full or partial week less than 12 full weeks of notice. So if postponing 2 full weeks before a course, except under the defined circumstances described in 10 above, the postponement fee will be 50% of the course fee (10 weeks X 5%).
  6. In all cases of postponement initiated by the participant, in the event that regular pricing for the rescheduled course is higher than the original course, the student will be responsible for paying the differential. In all cases of postponement initiated by the participant, rescheduled reservations will be confirmed only after payment of postponement fees and pricing differentials, as applicable.
  7. BOSS may, without prejudice to its rights under its contract with the participant, waive cancellation or postponement fees on compassionate grounds


  1. The Yacht on which the course is delivered is insured against fire and the usual marine risks, collision and protection and indemnity risks but, notwithstanding the other provisions hereof, guests shall indemnify BOSS in respect of the cost of any losses or damages to the yacht, her equipment or furnishings or other expenses such as shall occur by reason of negligence of a Participant, up to a maximum of $US 2,500 for any individual Participant.
  2. The further obligations of Participants and the Skipper / Instructor are described in the BOSS Crew Agreement and Release of Liability that all Participants must sign prior to departure, and which is incorporated into this Contract. You acknowledge receiving a copy of the BOSS Crew Agreement and Release of Liability and commit to providing a signed copy prior to the Start Date of the course.


  1. Participants who meet certification requirements will be invoiced a processing fee of $50USD for ASA 101, and $25 for all other certifications registered with ASA or Sail Canada.
  2. If a Participant’s membership in ASA or Sail Canada is not up to date and must be renewed to process certifications, the Participant will also be invoiced the cost of the membership renewal.


22. Any disputes between BOSS and Participants that are not settled shall be referred to three arbitrators, one to be chosen by BOSS, one by the Participant, and the third by the two sochosen. A decision in writing by any two of these arbitrators shall be binding on both parties and the costs of the arbitration procedure shall be borne by the party which fails to prevail.

23. This agreement and the Crew Agreement described in 18 constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between the parties and there are no previous or current agreements, understandings, restrictions, representations or warranties between the parties other than those set forth herein. This agreement shall extend to be binding on the parties hereto and their respectivesuccessors and assigns.