8. Can I bring my teen-aged son or daughter on a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School course?

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School strongly encourages families to sail together.  Neither ASA or Sail Canada has an age limit for certification in cruising courses.

We welcome teen participation in sailing school courses as long as:

  • everyone recognizes that Barefoot Offshore Sailing School courses are designed for an adult-learning environment;
  • your teen is committed to fully participate in all aspects of the instruction, progressing as far as they can along the path to certification;
  • your teen is comfortable interacting with the other adult parpticipants on the course, and will not be shocked if he or she hears some non G-rated language from time to time.

Over the years, many teen sons or daughters have successfully graduated from our courses: we look forward to welcoming yours!

If you have multiple family members that you wish to include, an option to consider is a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School private course:  click here for details.