5. What is a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School “mentored charter”

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School offers a “mentored charter”.  This helps graduates of our sailing courses make the transition to sole responsibility as skipper of a chartered boat.

What is a mentored charter?

In a mentored charter, the charter skipper agrees to shadow one of our sailing course boats during their initial charter.  The BOSS Instructor on the sailing course checks in daily with the charter skipper, and is available as needed to provide advice and feedback.  There is a small incremental fee to cover the costs of mentorship.

Who is eligible for a mentored charter?

Mentored charters are available to students who have successfully completed ASA 104 or Sail Canada Intermediate.  For a mentored charter on a catamaran, sudents should have also completed ASA 114 or the Sail Canada Catamaran Endorsement.

What are the benefits of a mentored charter?

Skippers who have participated in mentored charters tell us that the availability of the Instructor mentor  substantially reduced the apprehension they otherwise felt at the thought of being in sole charge of a charter vessel for the first time.

On completion of a mentored charter and a recommendation from the mentoring Instructor, the charter skipper is usually eligible to book a future charter with Barefoot Yacht Charters (subject to the proficiency levels applicable to specific charter vessels).

A key benefit of a mentored charter is that it helps build a skipper’s sailing resume.  This enhances your eligibility to book future charters with Barefoot or other charter operators around the world.

When can I book a mentored charter?

In many cases, guests book a mentored charter immediately after their BOSS sailing course.  This helps cement the progress they made in the course.  Of course, you can also book a mentored charter on your next visit to Barefoot and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

How do I book a mentored charter?

Contact our booking team, who can explore the details with you.