Blue Lagoon Mooring Field Services

Barefoot Yacht Charters (BYC) owns a set of 25 moorings in Blue Lagoon (see photo above) that can be made available to enable owners of visiting yachts to leave their boat for a few weeks or months.  (Permanent or year-round moorings are not available as the main purpose of the mooring field is to support Barefoot’s fleet of charter and sailing school yachts.)

Blue Lagoon is located on the southwest corner of the main island of St. Vincent.  It is well protected from the prevailing easterly trade winds and ocean swells.

The Moorings

Barefoot’s moorings are helix screws, rated for a Category 2 hurricane. Triple screw blades with a 18 inch diameter are screwed into the sea bed to a depth of between 14 to 21 feet depending on the density. Moorings are inspected and serviced 3 times a year, pre hurricane season (June), post hurricane season (November) and during the trade winds season (March).

Multiple times each day on a year round basis, Barefoot’s boat handlers are moving through the mooring field as they service charter and school yachts.  They are trained to observe all yachts as they pass. and they routinely check mooring lines (painters) that connect yachts to the mooring bouys twice every day.

All moorings are visible from Barefoot’s service dock.  Barefoot’s night watchman visits the service dock several times each night on his rounds.  The mooring field is occasionally patrolled by the SVG Coast Guard, whose main facility on St. Vincent is nearby.

Mooring Rates and Services

Use of mooring:  $150.00 per week or $500.00 per month. (Yacht supplies the painter to Barefoot’s mooring ball.)

Technician monitoring: $100 per visit. On a scheduled basis as requested by the owner (typically weekly), our technician will visit the yacht and check bilges, pumps, batteries, and charging systems if present.  The engine or generator will be run as necessary to top up the batteries.  Owner will receive an email after each visit including battery voltages before and after service.

Air out service: $50.00 per visit.  On a scheduled basis as requested by the owner, a boat handler will visit the yacht and open the hatches for a minimum of one hour, visually check the bilges, mooring lines, deck gear, etc.

Yacht Repair and Maintenance Services

Yacht repair and maintenance services are available at the following rates:

Highly Skilled – (mechanic, cosmetics expert, refrigeration and air-conditioning specialist, carpenter, canvas worker or sailmaker) $ 80.00 per hour (30 minutes minimum – $40.00)

Speciality Skilled – (Junior mechanic, cosmetics personnel, refrigeration and air-conditioning personnel , sail loft personnel) $50.00 per hour (30 minutes minimum – $25.00)

Skilled – Boat handler, boat preparation specialist –  $40.00 per hour (30 minutes minimum – $20.00)

Brokerage service – To clear and handle incoming parts. Customs agent cost $100.00 per hour plus any fees charged by government. Delivery costs to the marina are extra. VAT is applicable and charged 16%

Mooring Agreement

Key provisions of the Barefoot Yacht Charters Mooring Agreement include:

  • Mooring fees will be invoiced monthly in advance and must be paid within 14 days
  • Service fees will be invoiced monthly as performed and must be paid within 14 days
  • Yacht owner must supply suitably-sized mooring lines (painters) that connect the yacht to the mooring ball
  • Yacht may not depart Blue Lagoon if any fees are outstanding
  • Yacht owner must provide proof of 3rd party liability insurance with coverage of at least $2 million
  • BYC is not responsible for losses or damage unless directly caused by a Barefoot employee
  • If the yacht is moored in Barefoot’s mooring field during the hurricane season (June 1 through November 15), Barefoot will notify the owner on a “best efforts” basis of the approach of a named storm to agree on what action should be taken to secure or move the boat at the owner’s expense.