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Splendido – Beneteau 57


  • 3 cabins, each with private showers and toilets.

  • Price $22 500 per week. All inclusive except alcohol. (No change for seasons)

  • Day charter rate $4 800.00 per day Lunch and some refreshments included. (No change for seasons)

Splendido, Beneteau 57 – Embark on the vacation experience of a lifetime aboard the luxurious 57 foot luxury sailing yacht “Splendido” with Barefoot Yachts in the picturesque Grenadines. For over three decades, Barefoot Yachts has mastered the art of crafting unforgettable seafaring experiences, and now, you’re invited to immerse yourself in opulence amidst azure waters and sun-kissed horizons.

Whether you’re seeking a week-long voyage or a day of pure indulgence, “Splendido” offers an exquisite sanctuary. Let the seasoned crew transform your dreams into reality as they cater to your every desire. From sun-drenched decks to lavish interiors, this fully crewed vessel becomes your personal haven, where relaxation and adventure seamlessly intertwine. Splendido caters to up to 6 guest for overnight stays aboard or up to 8 guest for a day experiences.

Picture yourself drifting along the crystal-clear waters, savoring delectable cuisine prepared by expert chefs, or diving into the vibrant marine world with expertly guided excursions. Every moment aboard is tailored to your whims, ensuring a pampered experience beyond compare.

Join Barefoot Yachts for an unparalleled journey, where the Beneteau 57 “Splendido” becomes your gateway to unrivaled splendor in the heart of the Grenadines. Indulge in a week or a day filled with bespoke luxury, where the only limit is your imagination. Your voyage of a lifetime awaits – let Barefoot Yachts chart the course to your ultimate maritime fantasy.

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