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May Special! Quarantine for Free

For charters of 2 weeks or more, we are offering a free quarantine on board for 7 days. For charters less than 2 weeks, enjoy 7 days of quarantine on board your yacht at sleep aboard rates.

Special ends May 31st!

Message us now to find out if your preferred dates are available! 

The Barefoot Lifestyle

Caribbean Bareboat Sailing Charters

At Barefoot, our philosophy is simple and our lifestyle is sweet. Through our commitment to you experiencing your ultimate vacation, clean sailing, our use of locally produced organic provisioning and our responsible operating practices, we hope to protect and enhance your experience while improving the world we share with all living things.

Driftwood Restaurant/Bar

Driftwood Restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with a Caribbean flair, a stunning seaward view of Blue Lagoon and an intimate, air-conditioned lounge bar. We specialize in local, organically grown fruits and veggies.

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New COVID Protocols

Welcome Back. The Grenadines are waiting for you. Paradise has been untouched for over a year. Be the first to enjoy the islands which have had a nice long rest from human presence.

Fully Vaccinated charterers now only have to quarantine in St Vincent and the Grenadines for 48 hours

Guest who have been fully vaccinated for two weeks, arriving with a negative PCR test obtained no longer that 72 hours before their flight to ST Vincent, are now only asked to quarantine for 48 hours while awaiting the results of a PCR test administered upon arrival to ST Vincent’s Argile International Airport. After receiving a negative results from their PCR COVID 19 tests, charterers may then move about ST Vincent and the Grenadines, sailing unrestricted through our pristine islands.

Haven’t gotten your vaccine yet? Here is the SVG protocol for the unvaccinated:

Guest who have not had their vaccine will be required to arrive with a negative PCR test done no longer than 72 hours before their flight to St Vincent . Unvaccinated guest will undergo another PCR test upon arrival to the Argyle International Airport in ST Vincent and will then be required to undergo a 14 day quarantine with a second PCR test administered some time between day 4 and day 7 of the quarantine period.
Barefoot can arrange the second week of quarantine to be done onboard your yacht. During quarantine aboard, barefoot charterers are allowed, upon request, to visit any one of 5 quarantine approved anchorages which includes the Tobago Cays. During this quarantine period guest may swim and snorkel around the yacht.

Charterers may also request permission to go sailing for a two hour period every day but must return to the designated bay