There’s nothing quite like sailing your own boat in the stunning waters of the Grenadines. This experience is only enhanced when your boat operates as a charter boat outside your use and earns you money. For more information check out our Barefoot’s Guides For Prospective Yacht Owners.

Owning a new yacht is an exhilarating experience and charter ownership with Barefoot Yacht Charters can mean a smooth purchase and great returns. For years, savvy boat buyers have bought into well-respected fleets to offset boat expenses.

At Barefoot, we regulate our fleet based on charter demand to ensure maximised occupancy. Our goals are the highest possible charter income for our owners, and excellent maintenance standards – “preservation of the asset”.

Are you dreaming of owning your own Yacht in the Caribbean?

Join our Barefoot family and create your home away from home in the southern Caribbean, where you will never be a number of a boat name but rather always a valued partner and family member.

This is the perfect time and opportunity to make your dream become a reality.

Get the best deals with the best Yacht ownership program

We are always on the look out for opportunities for our Barefoot circle and over the years have accumulated a network of dear friends and deep relationships. Through these friendships, we often find particularly interesting specials for you!

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Barefoot does not take any commissions or make anything from Yacht Sales. We strictly give you our best advice possible to help you guide you to the perfect boat for you.

We can highly recommend Barefoot Yacht Charters to anyone wanting to put their boat in charter in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Before we bought a boat we chartered with several different companies in St Vincent and always got the best service from Barefoot. Our experience with Barefoot inspired us to take their excellent ASA sailing course and in 2014 we bought a 39 foot Lagoon catamaran in the BVI’s. In March of 2017 when we decided to move S/V Willow Dew from the BVI’s to St. Vincent, we felt confidant Barefoot Yacht Charters was the best place for her and have not been disappointed.

The owners and staff have always provided excellent service and attention to details and our needs. We try to spend 2 months a year sailing and the S/V Willow Dew is always clean, well maintained and ready for us. The dock boys are the best, always helpful and courteous, as are the lovely ladies at the front desk. Any issues with the boat have always been handled quickly and professionally.

Barefoot Yacht Charters is a small company with an fine reputation and have made us feel like part of their family. The Driftwood restaurant is excellent and the rooms at the hotel always clean. We hope you will join their fleet, you will not be disappointed.

A professional organisation with a proven history of success and a unique perspective on Caribbean business operations.

Barefoot Yacht Charters has been successfully managing and chartering yachts since 1984. The company is the only locally-owned one in the Windward Islands and, in the Caribbean working environment, which can be challenging, this gives us a unique and unusual insight that other companies, no matter how experienced, simply cannot match.

Whether dealing with Customs, Immigration, Government or with local contractors and suppliers, we know who to go to and we know how to get things done efficiently and cost-effectively.  This has resulted in significant financial savings for our yacht owners.  We even enjoy a duty-free status on the importation of our marine spares.

Reputable and Solvent

Our custom-designed facility was built by and is owned by ourselves (most charter companies lease their premises) and offers all of the facilities normally associated with so-called ‘premium companies’ – docks, moorings, workshops, offices, a laundromat, restaurant, bar, water-sports centre and boutique.  We’re also the only Caribbean yacht charter company that owns its own regional airline – SVG Air ( with several aircraft including two luxury jets.

Uncompromising maintenance standards

As yacht owners ourselves, we understand the importance of assuring absolute personal attention to your vessel. We will not compromise our maintenance standards. Our technical team recognises that preventative maintenance is paramount and, for each vessel in our fleet, we develop an individual programme that ensures that the yacht is well maintained and that charter commitments are met. Our full-time professional staff take pride in their work and are consistently complimented by our yacht owners and charter guests.

Global Marketing and a very high repeat customer ratio

Barefoot enjoys one of the highest repeat customer ratios in the industry.  Around 40% of our guests each year have sailed with us previously.  Some have been sailing with us for more than 20 years.  Our acclaimed web site, complemented by conventional advertising in high-profile sailing publications, is reckoned to be one of the most successful around.

Soaring sales – but a controlled fleet size to prevent owner revenue dilution

Despite soaring gross charter sales of more than 100% in 6 years – our fleet size has never increased more than 35% – we have limited our fleet  to 25 yachts, which enables us to offer high standards of personal service, quality maintenance, and maximised revenues for the individual yacht owner.

Uncompromising maintenance standards

The principals of Barefoot have owned several yachts themselves and well understand the importance of taking good care of an expensive vessel.  We will not compromise our maintenance standards.  Our technical team recognises that preventative maintenance is paramount, and for each vessel in our fleet we develop an individual programme that ensures the yacht is well maintained and that charter commitments are met.  Our full-time professional staff take pride in their work and are consistently complimented both by charter guests and yacht owners.

Steady income, reasonable expenses, and unlimited private use of your yacht

The all-new Barefoot Partnership Program has been designed to maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses, while also providing you with unlimited personal use of your boat in our fleet.  We participate by only earning income when you earn income, which is unique in the charter business.

Take a look at our recommended yachts, and review our Guides for Prospective Charter Yacht Owners, to see what a difference this makes!  Detailed financial projections are available for download, featuring both mono-hulls and multi-hulls from several different manufacturers.

Barefoot’s beautiful world is open to you.  Come aboard and sail as often as you want; and earn a steady income with us from your well-managed, well-protected yacht asset.


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A big thank-you to you and all the team at Barefoot Yacht Charters. ALEXIAN is in better shape now than when we handed her over to you 3 years ago!

Not only did your team keep her well maintained and repaired, but went out of their way to get us amazing pricing on any new parts and even went to Trinidad to pick up for new engines for us when none could be had elsewhere! Vigil, Steven, Anthony, and their team always treated us with respect and dealt with requests in a timely manner. Mary and Jasmine at the front desk were a pleasure to deal with and the cleaning staff did a great job. Our boat was well chartered and afforded us the luxury of sailing her numerous weeks a year. Everyone made us feel so welcome and we always felt like we had a second home in St. Vincent.

We have now begun our live aboard adventure in Grenada, but look forward to seeing our Barefoot family again as we sail north this season.

We would definitely recommend Barefoot Yacht Charters to anyone looking for a safe, reliable and friendly charter operation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.