No Shoes

At Barefoot you are among the like minded, you are among friends. Kick off your shoes, no need for them here and no need for formality. We are grounded in our humble island beginnings as sailors. Fun, free and fresh we remain inline with our natural surroundings. Equally at home in the sand or on the water.

No Stress

While delivering on great charters we strive to remove and reduce stress. A no stress charter and no stress ownership, Yes, but also a no stress you at the end of your vacation. Allow us to help you rejuvenate through adventure, exercise, diet, relaxation and mindfulness. Our Barefoot web site and your Barefoot lifestyle consultant will help you design the perfect mix of each or any for your group and your vacation and our Barefoot Lifestyles app will be with you onboard your yacht, as a resource, to keep you on track, informed and entertained.

No Mess

The Barefoot Group were born in the islands and this gives us a unique love and respect for the beauty and fragility of our natural environment and playground. We are sailors first, and as such, we choose to protect the oceans, seas and islands that make up our paradise but also to educate and thus help bring meaningful change to our planet. Through our commitment to clean sailing, our use of locally produced organic provisioning (supplemented by imported products only when necessary) our Carbon offset program as well as our responsible operating practices we hope to protect and change the world we share with all living things.