What to do? You want to spend your bareboat yacht charter vacation on a relaxing sail with Barefoot Yacht Charters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but you also want to jump up and party at Carnival.

Our multi-island nation has rural Carnival activities which extend from mid-June to August in the Grenadines so you can enjoy the best of sailing, salt, sea and party!

Two islands in particular have unique elements in their celebrations, yet still retain the flavor of Vincy Mas:

  1. Bequia Carnival from June 20 – 23; and

  2. Canouan Carnival, a whole week of exciting shows and street parties from July 25 to August 1.

Dazzle your senses and sweat out the stress at Carnival, then recuperate on a sail perhaps to another Grenadine island where more adventures await, for each isle has its own history and ambience. Or just stay on board and be lulled into a deep relaxation until it’s time to jump up again.

Sailing in the Grenadines is line of sight sailing which means it is just short hop from one island to the next. You can enjoy the local ambience, festivities of Carnival in any capacity you choose. Whether you join in the celebrations or simply enjoy the culture and music from your yacht.

Young woman Sailing

You can have your perfect holiday, and Barefoot Yacht Charters can make it happen!

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