Covid-19 Safety Measures

As air travel begins to open up and people are looking for a stress-free, safe, vacation experience, we are working hard to ensure this is available for our charterers.

We have completed renovations to our front office, adjusted our systems and updated our safety procedures with the health of our charter guests and staff in mind.

We take you and your health very seriously and have taken precautions to help keep you and your family safe whilst sailing with us and to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time out on the water to the fullest.

Here is what you can expect from Barefoot Yacht Charters when you book a charter with us:

We have aligned our cleaning procedures with the current guidance of the relevant authorities including the WHO, CDC and local operating governments.

Our Base

  • Barefoot Yacht Charters Apartments is approved as a Covid-19 quarantine facility – and we offer our guests discounted rates on rooms in an attempt to make this situation a little easier for you. 
  • Long term charterers (More than 4 weeks)  allows you to do your quarantine-time for free in one of our Barefoot apartments during Covid-19. (You only pay for your food and drinks).
  • Our staff wear Government recommended protective gear at all times when in contact with guests and visitors at our base.
  • Barefoot staff are temperature-checked daily before the workday begins and once again at lunchtime.
  • All staff are instructed to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Strict handwashing and sanitizing policies have been put in place. All surfaces in trafficked areas (walkways, railings common seating areas etc) will be sanitized every 30 minutes and other work areas after every use.
  • You and your party will be temperature checked on arrival before being guided to a safe waiting area, which will adhere to social distancing requirements.
  • Only one person will be safely escorted to our reception at a time and all surfaces will be cleaned between each guest.
  • All restrooms will have paper tissues (single use) for drying hands and instructions for hand hygiene. Every 30 minutes the restrooms will be sanitized by BYC cleaning staff.
  • Front desk will have hand sanitizer available at all times.
  • Two hand-washing stations will be available on the base.
  • Our restaurant will use single use menus or specials boards. No reusable menus.
  • All paperwork necessary, for the charter and provisioning etc, will be made ready in advance.
  • BYC Apartments will follow the same procedures as the yachts except where SVG government had additional requirements.

Our Yachts

  • Each yacht is sterilized with foggers and all surfaces and items on board our yachts will be cleaned with anti COVID 19 approved products prior to guests entering.
  • All linens and towels onboard our yachts are cleaned and sterilized, then packed in single use sealed plastic bags for safety.
  • You and your party will be requested prior to travel to bring your own mask and snorkel due to safety reasons. (fins will still available upon request).
  • We will of course do our utmost to ensure all products delivered to the yachts are clean and sterilized. However, we will still provide cleaning products and request that all guests clean all fresh produce in a water/ vinegar- mix- and other provisions, such as canned and bottled items, be wiped with high alcohol before storing on the yacht.
  • While on charter, any on board crew will remain socially distanced from you and your party as much as possible.
  • Wherever possible the yacht will be left on a mooring for at least three days, to reduce the risk of  contamination to our staff, before removing linens/towels, left-over provisioning etc.

Arrival and Departure:

  • Barefoot will only use government authorized taxis for our guests to travel between the airport and our base at Barefoot Marine Center. We will ensure that said taxis are adhering to the government set standards when transporting our guests.
  • All paperwork necessary, for the charter provisioning etc, will be made ready in advance to avoid any handling at the base.
  • Before disembarking the yacht, a temperature screening will be performed and then you and your party will be safely guided to our socially distanced waiting area.
  • The yacht inspection will be completed by our staff, cautiously wearing protective clothing (mask, gloves and plastic).
  • After charter at arrival back to BYC base, our guests will be met by a dinghy with two of our staff wearing protective clothing (masks, gloves).
  • Barefoot will arrange our government authorized taxi for our guests to travel for their departure. 

How you can help to ensure a safe and happy vacation:

  • Bring your own mask and snorkel due to safety reasons. (fins are still available upon request).
  • Bring your own PPE, masks etc, to ensure you have all you need in case the small islands are unable to meet demands.
  • During your time with us on the base or any interaction with our staff, we ask you to continue to use your face mask and remain socially distant.
  • Complete all required documentation online prior to your arrival, which will be provided to you via email.
  • Order your provisioning online in advance of your charter to reduce the need for you and your family/friends having to travel to supermarkets.
  • Clean all local fruits and vegetables in water/ vinegar- mix and wipe down other provisions, such as canned and bottled items, with high alcohol before storing on the yacht. (Barefoot will perform some sanitization upon receipt of all goods).
  • Pre-order any watersports equipment in advance of your charter.
  • While on charter, keep socially distanced from any on board crew and people you meet.

As Protocols Change

  • Please note that this protocol keeps changing , so we advise you to check them often.
  • When you book with us- and if the protocol prevents you from going through with your charter or sailing school at the time you had planned, we will reschedule with no extra charge.
  • We take the Covid-19 and other safety precautions very seriously- and welcome you to a safe environment at our base, in our apartments and on our yachts.

As we adjust our schedules and flow of staff and guests to support recommendations by the W.H.O, we ask for your patience and understanding as we move through this first phase of reopening. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!