The Barefoot Easter hunt is on!

Barefoot Yacht Charters’ Easter hunt of the year is on and we are giving away fun Easter prize packs to our St Vincent and the Grenadines charterers!


Barefoot is giving away special Easter prize packs for the most loved photographs and it’s simple to win!

Do you have a favourite photograph of the islands or of you and your family?

Did you capture a special scene or moment while sailing with Barefoot Yacht Charters?


All you have to do is send us your favourite photograph of your sailing vacation in St Vincent and the Grenadines, then come on over to the Barefoot Yacht Charters Facebook page where we will announce the winners!

Follow these simple steps to enter the Barefoot Easter hunt:

  1. Find your favourite photograph of your sailing vacation with Barefoot in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
  2. Email your photo to us at or upload your photograph to Facebook with hashtag #thebarefootlifestyle
  3. Add a short story about your photograph and share the moment with us (optional).
  4. Come on over to the Barefoot Yacht Charters Facebook page where we will announce the winners.

Sailing combines the best of St Vincent and the Grenadines plus the ultimate family holiday in one vacation. Your experience with us is what matters most to us and we would love to hear of your adventures and your special moments.

Sailing through the famous 32 islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines gives you a unique perspective on a spectacular area that is experienced by only a chosen few. You have the opportunity to visit secluded bays and really experience the very best of the nature in the islands. You have the evenings to yourself to enjoy stunning sunsets and to walk the beaches of uninhabited islands. You, as a Barefoot charterer, are unique!

You love to sail, you enjoy the sea and you work hard to get here. So join the Easter hunt and give yourself the opportunity to receive a special gift just from us at Barefoot.

Happy Easter from the Barefoot family!