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Sailing and Sustainability

Having nature in mind as you sail through the Grenadines is a pretty easy task for most.

To sail, enjoy and not leave an eco footprint may feel a little more challenging. However, there are many simple things you can do that actually make a huge difference to our waters and their ecosystems, all while having a vacation of a lifetime!

As world ocean day is upon us, it’s a perfect time to band together and find new ways to help the nature playground that we all love and enjoy.

Saying Yes to Less Plastic. Not NO to all Plastic.

Using no plastic at all may seem like a wish that can never be fulfilled. After all, it has become part of how we live, consume and dispose. It’s so easy to purchase and to use. It may feel like it will take too much effort to stop it altogether. Because of these factors, it may just not be that simple to stop using it cold turkey. Starting by just becoming aware of it’s use and how it breaks down (or doesn’t) in the sea and how you can minimize usage may just be enough to create some of the change we need to see in our ocean environments.

Let’s look at a few ways you can sail with sustainability in mind!

How to Sail with Sustainability in mind?

Ready to become more environmentally friendly while saving money and having the vacation of your dreams? Now that sounds desirable.

Sailing and sustainability already go hand in hand. It is already one of the most eco-friendly vacations to take. Sailing boats are powered by the wind and if the weather shows up in your favour, you may be able to go most of your trip without using your engine.

As we are working at our end to make your experience even better whilst looking after our environment, here are some simple things you can do to make your trip even greener:

Reducing plastic
You can minimize your plastic use by bringing your own water bottle with you. There are many options are that stainless steel or glass with outer protective covering. You could also bring along a fun, bright coloured cloth bag for all of your shopping experiences. Paper plates and cups may be an option for you if you are having beach picnics etc.





















Go with the wind
You have likely put so much time and thought into your vacation so you can relax, unwind and enjoy some well deserved down time. So, if you find yourself on a light wind day in a calm anchorage, instead of rushing off to the next spot, you could use the day for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, enjoying the sunshine and beach picnicking.





















Choose natural sea washes, gentle gels, sunscreens and cleaning products
There are natural products available that have been made with the environment and the sea specifically in mind. Some are natural shampoos and body washes, others are sunscreens and sea scrubs and gels that are made for use in the ocean. Whatever you choose, bring along products for your sailing trip so you don’t harm the beautiful marine life. Also if you are cleaning on board, our team has some great suggestions for you!

Wherever you can, choose paperless options
When arriving at Barefoot, you will always be given the option to choose paperless invoices via email rather than printing them out. Go on, opt for it!

If you have plastic bottles on board, bring them back to the base and give them to us, so all the waste doesn’t end up in the water down islands. We may be able to pass them on for recycling or up cycling on the island. You may also like to get involved in beach clean ups as you pass through the islands and do your part to help us keep the islands clean.





















Choose to eat locally
We have fresh food markets in St Vincent that are worth seeing if they coincide with your trip. You can also purchase locally grown food at some of our supermarkets and also small farmers selling their own home grown produce on the roadside. Many islands also have their own versions of these. Also, there are some local restaurants that boast locally grown and sourced produce. When eating out speak to the restaurant owners and choose where you spend your dollars carefully to reduce your eco footprint and support more sustainability in the islands.




















Remember, every little bit counts. Have a fantastic sail and smile wider knowing you are saving the environment for our generations to come!