*All Rates are in U.S. Dollars.

  • Per Day
  • $2,200.00
  • Per Week
  • $14,000.00

GONE – C&C 30

Sails on GONE:

  • Racing Main
  • Jib Heavy
  • Jib Medium
  • Jib Light
  • A1.5 Spinnaker
  • A2 Spinnaker
  • A 3 Spinnaker
What’s included and what’s not in a Barefoot Yachts’ Regatta Charter:
  • Boat
  • Racing sails.
  • All regatta required safety equipment for CSA events.
  • Trimming/setup guide. Rig tuning guide
  • Tools
  • Rig tuning gauge (Spinlock or Loose)
Not included:
  • Positioning fee
  • Boat Captain
  • Regatta entery fee
  • Dockage/mooring fee
  • Tender or chase boat
  • Food on shore or racing
  • PFDs
  • PLBs
  • Harnesses
  • Accommodations
  • Sail repares.


Charter our C&C 30 GONE and experience one of the iconic Caribbean regattas on a true weapon. A product of the drawing board of veteran naval architect Mark Mills, the C&C 30 is billed as a mini TP52, and it feels like just that—from the wide open, crew-friendly cockpit to the offset companionway to port and the single offset battery of clutches to starboard for controlling halyards and other sail controls.
Constructed in cored, infused vinylester and E-glass, with carbon in frames and other structural members, the boat is tremendously stiff and light. The bowsprit is fixed with a bobstay—a necessity for Code 0s and BROs with their substantial luff loads. She is sailed with a crew of 7 to 8 and is carries asymmetrical spinnakers which are gybed from the cockpit. The spinnaker is doused by a string retrieval system, down the foredeck hatch, which runs the length of the yacht below deck.
Ultimately, modern sailboats are the stuff of dreams, waterborne works of art that serve to transport (figuratively as well as literally) and delight—and it would be hard to find a better or more exciting dream than the C&C 30 
Boat Captain/Owner’s Rep 
Fees for the Boat Captain/Owner’s Rep (Boat Captain must be present onboard whenever docking lines are moved or the engine is started or boat is moved)
  • Boat Captain/owner’s rep $400.00 – $600.00 per day***. (Racing days and practice days. )
  • Add shore crew for only $100.00 per day extra. (Racing days and practice days. )
  • Boat captain’s food and accommodations are $400.00 per day extra unless provided by charterer. (Racing days and practice days. )

*** Price of your chosen or designated Boat Captain depends on their level of expertise. Professionals While all our Barefoot racing professionals or Boat Captain are serious about achieving the best possible results, you can select the individual who fits with your objectives. Choose from from “Here to have fun” to Raising my game and improve” to “Serious focus and here to win”

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